Dr. Wendy Walsh

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s three-decade career straddles the worlds of media and higher education. Walsh is an award-winning television Journalist is a current Radio Host and Podcaster at KFI AM 640 of iHeartMedia, is the author of three books and thousands of print and digital articles. She was named one of Time Magazine’s Persons of the Year in 2017 after speaking out about harassment at Fox News. She currently teaches in the Psychology department at California State University, Channel Islands.

Fresh out of journalism school in the late 1980’s, Walsh began her career as a freelance writer for consumer magazines, specializing in health and exercise science. After relocating to Los Angeles, she worked as a reporter and anchor at UPN News 13 where she won two news Emmy Awards. During the 1990’s she hosted and reported for dozens of news and information shows on a variety of television networks including HBO, Fox Sports, Court TV and Investigation Discovery Network. She gained national recognition when she hosted the Warner Bros. syndicated magazine show, EXTRA. During that time, she helmed her own production company and produced a number of cable series shows.

In the 2000’s, as she raised two daughters, she turned her attention to psychology, human development and attachment theory. After earning a mid-life Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she returned to television as an expert commentator, quickly becoming a frequent face with Don Lemon on CNN, and many other networks including The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, HLN, NBC, CBS, and ABC. During that time she wrote three books published by Random House and Rodale Books.

In 2011, she caught the eye of Dr. Phil’s producers and was tapped to join the nationally syndicated show The Doctors, where she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award.

In 2015, she moved to radio and teaching. The Dr. Wendy Walsh show on KFI AM 640, Los Angeles was born, and she became an adjunct professor of psychology at California State University Channel Islands. There, she teaches Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Health Counseling. Her passions are Attachment Theory and Evolutionary Psychology.

In 2017, she bravely spoke out about victims of sexual harassment at Fox News and was named a Time Magazine Person of the Year.

In 2019, her love of relationship science, evolutionary psychology and her knack for media production were combined when she debuted the now popular podcast “Mating Matters” in partnership with iHeartMedia.

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Note: Dr. Wendy Walsh holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a Professor of Psychology. She does not hold a license to practice therapy. Her advice is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental disorder, but should only be seen as education and entertainment.