COAching for men

Business is hard. Your love life shouldn’t be.

You’re successful for a reason. You attained the education and tools needed to succeed in business. The same strategy can be applied to your personal life.

It’s no secret that the rules of dating and marriage are changing fast. The pressure on men to be more than a provider is enormous. Dating apps can be game changers or time sinks. Dr. Wendy Walsh gets it.

Each week she makes time for confidential tele-conference consultations with a select few clients. She offers advice about divorce, dating, relationship repair and parenting.

This isn’t therapy. It’s a strategy session to get your love life on track. An opportunity to engage in constructive straight talk about how to solve issues of the heart. It’s an investment of time that returns peace of mind and renewed self-confidence.

Because love should be easier.

Inquire about rates and availability.

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